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NCU Twenty20 Cup 2010

Honorary Competition Secretary: Richard Johnson (M) 07968085991 (E)

The top twelve entrants based on 2009 league positions will contest the Twenty20 Cup.
For the draw the twelve teams were placed in three pots of four as follows:
    Pot 1 Teams that finished in the top four positions
    Pot 2 The next four finishers
    Pot 3 The next four finishers
A team from each pot was drawn in each group.
A further draw was made to determine the fixtures in each group.

Group Stages

Group 1: Instonians Seahorses, Lisburn Lions, Mar Bangor Gryphons

    Lisburn v Bangor (Tuesday 25th May at Wallace Park)
    Lisburn 134-7 (G Thompson 46)
    Bangor 104 (I Whitten 4-21)
    Lisburn beat Bangor by 30 runs

    Instonians v Lisburn (Monday 31st May at Shaw's Bridge)
    Instonians 141-6 (20 overs, R McCann 51, E Moleon 40, D Simpson 3-17)
    Lisburn 101-9 (20 overs, R Sheard 3-18)
    Instonians beat Lisburn by 40 runs

    Instonians beat Bangor (Thursday 17 June) and progress to the semi-finals

Group 2: Stormont Spitfires (CSNI), Carrickfergus Eagles, Muckamore Marauders
    Carrickfergus v Muckamore (Thursday 27th May at Middle Road)
    No play possible due to rain - Muckamore won 2-1 in a bowl-out

    CSNI v Carrickfergus (Thursday 3rd June at Stormont)
    Carrickfergus 118-7 (K Noema-Barnett 4-22)
    CSNI 119-4 (K Noema-Barnett 56, P Fisher 37no)
    CSNI beat Carrick by 6 wickets

    Muckamore v CSNI (Thursday 10th June at Stormont)
    Muckamore 134-3 (J van der Merwe 41, B Baguley 46no)
    CSNI 130-4 (G McKee 47, K. Noema-Barnett 51, I Kamtekar 2-18)
    Muckamore beat CSNI by 4 runs and progress to the semi-finals

Group 3: North Down Titans, CIYMS Saints, Downpatrick Cricketers
    CIYMS Saints v Downpatrick Cricketers (Thursday 20th May at Belmont)
    CIYMS Saints 186-8 (B Cooper 38, C McMillan 44, D Heasley 62)
    Downpatrick Cricketers 35 (B McCord 2-15, C McMillan 3-2)
    CIYMS Saints beat Downpatrick Cricketers by 151 runs

    North Down v CIYMS (Thursday June 10 at The Green)
    North Down 121 (B McCord 4-9, C McMillan 4-27)
    CIYMS 122-2 off 16.5 overs (B Cooper 51, C McMillan 47)
    CIYMS beat North Down by 8 wickets and progress to the semi-finals

    Downpatrick v North Down (Thursday 24 June)
    North Down 126-2 beat Downpatrick 125 by 8 wickets

Group 4: Waringstown Villagers, Woodvale Warriors, Lurgan Spades
    Woodvale Warriors v Lurgan Spades (Thursday 20th May at Shaw's Bridge)
    Lurgan Spades 183-7 (Craig Irwin 36, B McKnight 67no, J Guy 30)
    Woodvale Warriors 88 (O McCollum 3-6)
    Lurgan Spades beat Woodvale Warriors by 95 runs

    Waringstown v Woodvale (Wednesday 2nd June at The Lawn)
    Match awarded to Waringsotwn - Woodvale unable to field a team

    Lurgan v Waringstown (Thursday 24 June)
    Lurgan 85-9 (20 overs, V Mpitsang 3-9, K McCallen 2-1)
    Waringstown 88-1 (15.1 overs, J Hall 33no, L Nelson 36no)
    Waringstown beat Lurgan by 9 wickets and progress to the semi finals

Semi Finals
    Muckamore beat Instonians by 25 runs

    CIYMS 136-7 (B McCord 80no, R Lucas 34, L Nelson 3-33)
    Waringstown 84 (L Nelson 36, C McMillan 3-25)
    CIYMS beat Waringstown by 52 runs

Final - Sunday August 1 at North Down
    Muckamore 59 all out (14.1 overs, C McMillan 4-11)
    CIYMS 62-7 (10 overs, R Coetzee 5-11)
    CIYMS beat Muckamore by 3 wickets
    (17 over match)