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NCU Minor Qualifying Cup - 2011
(sponsored by Abbey Insurance Newforge Ltd)

First Round - May 21 (Reserve date May 29)
    A  Lurgan III v Templepatrick III
    B  CIYMS IV v Muckamore IV
    C  Instonians IV v Carrick IV
    D  Armagh III v CSNI V
    E  Ballymena IV v Downpatrick III
    Lurgan III beat Templepatrick III - Templepatrick unable to field a team
    CIYMS IV 175-6 (30 overs, D McConkey 43, A McMillan 37)
    Muckamore IV 176-5 (29.4 overs, B Cathcart 51, C Weir 50no)
    Muckamore IV beat CIYMS IV by 5 wickets
    Ballymena IV 70-9 (Watt 23) 
    Downpatrick III 50 (Bell 3-8, Gillespie 3-8, Reynolds 2-13) 
    Ballymena IV beat Downpatrick III by 20 runs
    Instonians IV beat Carrick IV
    Armagh III beat CSNI V - CSNI V unable to field a team
Second Round - June 4 (Reserve date June 12)
    F  Laurelvale III v Academy IV
    G  Bangor V v Larne III
    H  Victoria III v Academy III
    I  Lurgan III v Muckamore IV
    J  Instonians IV v Armagh III
    K  Ballymena IV v Holywood III
    L  CSNI VI v Donaghcloney III
    M  Cregagh III v Cliftonville III
    Cregagh III beat Cliftonville III - Cliftonville III unable to field a team
    Lurgan III 169-4 (J Gillespie 62, N Crozier 62)
    Muckamore IV 95 (Rady 47, J Gillespie 5-12)
    Lurgan III beat Muckamore IV by 74 runs
    Academy III beat Victoria III
    Academy IV 108-6 (30 overs, I Moffett 61no, 27 extras) 
    Laurelvale III 106-9 (D McLarnin Jnr 3-16, F Collins 2-30) 
    Academy IV beat Laurelvale III by 2 runs
    Bangor V beat Larne III - Larne unable to field a team
    CSNI IV 149 (N Rountree 66no, G Butler 38, T Savage 3-34)
    Donaghcloney III 151-3 (B Daly 80no, J O'Malley 47)
    Donaghcloney III beat CSNI IV by 7 wickets
    Holywood III 71-7
    Ballymena IV 68-9
    Holywood III beat Ballymena IV by 3 runs
    Instonians IV beat Armagh III by 3 wickets
Third Round - June 25 (Reserve date July 3)
    N  Academy IV v Bangor V
    O  Academy III v Lurgan III
    P  Instonians IV v Holywood III
    Q  Donaghcloney III v Cregagh III
    Academy IV beat Bangor V by 5 wickets
    Academy III beat Lurgan III
    Cregagh III 94-6 (25 overs)
    Donaghcloney III 95-6
    Donaghcloney III beat Cregagh III by 4 wickets
    Instonians IV beat Holywood III by 14 runs
Semi Finals - July 23 (Reserve date July 31)
    R  Academy IV v Academy III
    S  Instonians IV v Donaghcloney III
    Academy III 167-6 (D Reid 44, D Ryles 38, C Magee 36, C Boyd 2-21, F Collins 2-39)
    Academy IV 127 (D McLarnon 20, D Barnes 2-12, C Nash 2-0)
    Academy III beat Academy IV by 40 runs
    Instonians IV beat Donaghcloney III
Final (Newforge - August 27) (Reserve date August 29)
    Instonians IV 151-4 (30 overs, J McCabe 30, N Alexander 28, A Montgomery 27, D Ryles 2-8)
    Academy III 136-7 (30 overs, P Trimble 49, P Currie 3-14)
    Instonians beat Academy by 15 runs
(NOTE: If a team has been nominated by their club as not playing Sundays then the reserve date will be the Saturday following the previous round)