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Criminal Damage At Clogher Cricket Club Continues For The Fourth Year In Succession

Clogher CC

It would appear that a person or persons have some sort of unfounded grudge against Clogher Cricket Club at Moss Monaghan, Clogher or that they have nothing better to do than wreck valuable property and machinery at the club.

On Tuesday last one of the volunteer groundsmen at the club arrived to discover that a pane of glass had been smashed in the pavilion and entry gained after a clumsy but unsuccessful attempt was made to force the locked door open.  Upon entering the premises the criminal(s) tore off a cupboard door which was not even locked.  This not being the end of it, the criminal(s) then took to the club maintenance vehicle and smashed the drivers door window and generally wrecked round inside the vehicle.Clogher Cricket Club

A club spokesman said that this latest spate of criminal damage is soul destroying to the volunteer ground staff, some of whom travel 50 miles a day to work at the club at their own expense to  keep it in its pristine condition.  He said he just could not figure out the mindset of the people who would chose to attack such a defenceless and inoffensive property such as the cricket club.

The spokesman said that news of the latest spate of criminal damage in the area has caused outrage in the local community, of whom it must be said give valuable support to the club which is so much appreciated by the club members

Clogher Cricket Club was originally formed on the 2nd July 1943 then after a lapse was reformed in 1962 and has been on the go since that year.  It has a proud tradition of representing the Clogher Valley in this sport and has received fantastic support from the local community which the club could not have survived without.

The Club is currently playing senior cricket for the third successive year and represents Clogher in the Northern Cricket Union League.  This commitment for the club generates a massive amount of work and dedication by all concerned and it is no surprise that the latest spate of criminal damage has caused a lot of anger amongst the club members.

Despite this being the fourth year that the club has been the victim of unwanted damage and theft, to date not one person has been made amenable for these crimes.  At this moment in time a lot of effort is being made to identify the culprit(s) responsible and when enough evidence has been gathered there is no doubt at all that criminal and/or civil proceedings will commence.  It has also now become necessary to have extra security precautions at the club which will incur extra but necessary expense which is a thing the club could have done without.

Finally the spokesman said,  I would strongly to appeal to any passing law abiding member of the public to immediately report to the Police any suspicious activity that they see at the club,  particularly after daylight hours.  Nobody should be at the club or on its grounds during this time.  He said despite this latest attack the club will go on and proudly represent Clogher Valley as it always has done.