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Clogher Cricket Club vandalised for fifth time and on this occasion the damage is the most severe yet

Clogher Cricket Club
For reasons unknown Clogher Cricket Club has been vandalised for the fifth time and damage is very severe this time.

On Saturday night on the 2nd July 2011 persons as yet unknown entered the clubs grounds and systematically broke every bit of glass on the premises.  Damage to the property included all the glass in the pavilion smashed, the toilet window smashed and the club maintenance vehicle had every window smashed with a large concrete block and damage also extended to the headlamps, rear lamps and wing mirrors.  Both inside and outside the pavilion was littered with broken glass.

The club secretary said that the damage will run into hundreds of pounds, money which the club will find difficult to obtain on top of running costs etc.
This latest attack comes only two and a half months after the last attack which also cost the club dearly.

Despite this being the fifth attack in the last four years no person has ever been made amenable which the Secretary said was very disappointing.    However he went on to say that the club will continue to run and whilst we try to make our visiting teams as comfortable as we can they will now be met with boarded up windows instead of glass because as quick as they are replaced they are smashed again.  For what it is worth the machinery is still operational and grass cutting and rolling can continue.

The Secretary, who is also a groundsman at the club, concluded by saying these attacks are soul destroying but he said the club which has been running since 1943 will not be beaten by mindless morons and said the club will take all possible steps to enhance security at the club and sit and hope that the Police who are investigating the incidents can come up with a positive result.