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Winners 2010: Campbell College

Honorary Competition Secretary: Tony Phillips (H) 9066 6855

1st Round - by May 14
    A  Strabane GS v RBAI 'A'
    B  Sullivan Upper v Wallace HS
    C  BRA v Regent House
    D  Friends' School v Methodist College
    E  Campbell College v Ballyclare HS
    F  Down HS v Foyle & L'Derry College
    G  Strabane HS v Limavady GS
    H  Bangor GS A v RBAI 'B'
    RBAI 'A'  beat Strabane GS (Coin toss)
    Bangor GS 'A' 58 (Patrick Anderson 3-10)
    RBAI 'B' 61-7 (Callum Reid 38no)
    RBAI 'B' beat Bangor GS 'A' by 3 wickets
    Wallace HS beat Sullivan Upper
    Foyle and Londonderry 65
    Down HS 66-6
    Down HS beat Foyle and Londonderry by 4 wickets
    Limavady HS 58
    Strabane HS  59 for 7
    Strabane HS beat Limavady GS
    BRA beat Regent House
    Methodist College beat Friends' School
    Campbell College beat Ballyclare HS
2nd Round - by May 28
    I  RBAI 'A' v Wallace HS
    J  BRA v Methodist College
    K  Campbell College v Down HS
    L  Strabane HS v RBAI 'B'
    RBAI 'A' 179-3 (Matthew Lightbody 49 no, Mark Rowney 45, Andrew Knape 30, James Hume 25)
    Wallace HS 62 (Christopher Robinson 2-5, David Robinson 2-8, Andrew Knape 2-14) 
    RBAI 'A' beat Wallace HS by 117 runs
    Strabane HS 121-3 (J McIntyre 44, R Kelly 38)
    RBAI 'B' 34 (J McIntyre 4 -11, R Kelly 4-21)
    Strabane HS beat RBAI 'B' by 87 runs
    Methodist College beat BRA
    Campbell College beat Down HS by 7 wickets
Semi Finals - by June 11
    M  RBAI 'A' v Methodist College
    N  Campbell College v Strabane HS
    RBAI 'A' 136-3 (Andrew Knape 50 no, James Hume 42)
    Methodist College 63 (Rhys O'Donnell 3-24, James Hume 3-25)
    RBAI 'A' beat Methodist College by 73 runs
    Strabane HS bt Campbell College
Final - June 18
    RBAI 'A' v Strabane HS
    Strabane HS 39 (James Hume 6-13)
    RBAI 'A' 42-4 (Rhys Kelly 3-10)
    RBAI beat Strabane HS by 6 wickets