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All age groups are involved in scoring league points

This gives ALL League fixtures meaning and not just the 1st XI. There could be genuine interest among ALL schoolboy cricketers and an opportunity for schools to view their holistic progress.
It is hoped that this incentive will push schools to develop cricket across the board. Strong grass roots will produce a strong 1st XI, representative cricketers, recreational cricketers and create general cricket enthusiasm and interest across the school age groups, across the schools and across the country.

Points are weighted to give slightly more credence / importance to the senior results.
For this year 2nd XI results will count in the league where both schools have submitted 2nd XI teams.
Schools in bold have indicated they will enter 2nd XI’s

    1st XI win - 6pts
    2nd XI win - 4 pts
    Under 15 win - 4 pts
    Under 14 win - 4 pts
    Under 13 win - 4 pts
    Under 12 win - 2 pts
  • A Tie would see the points shared equally between the two teams. (wickets lost do not count)
  • If a school could not provide a team for an age group = a walkover to the opposition.
  • A match being rained off = points are shared equally between the two teams
  • If a match is ended by rain. It will be deemed a match if ½ of the second innings overs have been played. The team with the best run rate at this point will be the winner.
Exemplar 1: School A vs School B
    1st XI A win - 6 pts
    2nd XI B win - 4 pts
    U15 B win - 4 pts
    U14 B win - 4 pts
    U13 A win - 4 pts
    U12 A win - 2 pts
    Block result School A = 12 points, School B = 12 points

Exemplar 2 : School A vs School B
    1st XI rained off - 3 pts each
    1st XI B win - 4 pts
    U15 B win - 4 pts
    U14 B win - 4 pts
    U13 A win - 4 pts
    U12 A win - 2 pts
    Block result School A = 9 points, School B = 15 points
If two teams finish level on points in the league the 1st XI result in their fixture would decide the winner etc.

  • Block fixtures are based on these Pools. Schools have committed to fulfil fixtures at U12, U13, U14, U15 & 1st XI
  • Teams in bold have indicated that they hopeto field 2nd XI’s.
  • To allow as many pupils as possible to play club cricket in the afternoon, and to allow grounds to be used for an afternoon match we suggest :
    • 9.15am (preferably 9am) starts at the latest.
    • Maximum 10 minute break between innings.
    • Encourage 17 overs to be bowled in 1 hour ( 3 ½ mins/over ) encouraging a vibrant paced match.
  • Matches shall be of 25 overs a side. If the start of a match is delayed by more than 30 minutes by adverse weather or other unavoidable cause, its length shall be reduced by 5 overs a side for each complete 30 minutes lost. The intention is to ensure that all matches (apart from Eadie Shield matches) are completed by 12.30 pm.
  • Bowlers may bowl a maximum of 1/5 of the overs available when the match starts.
  • Schools may move some of their matches forward but not before the preceding Saturday of the published date. Schools may move some of their matches backwards but not after the following Saturday of the published date. This allows them to make better use of their grounds / staff resources.
  • If no match takes place it cannot be replayed.
  • In order to create some continuity to fixture organisation, when arranging home and away fixtures with another school, we encourage the following system to be used :
    1st XI, U13, U12 will play home or away as a block. 2nd XI, U15, U14 will play home or away as a block.
  • In the spirit of the game, players are not able to play in a second league game for another age group against the same opposition.
  • This format will run for the 2011 season and will be reviewed for the 2012 season.
  • Winner of Pool A plays winner of Pool B to get an overall winner for each league.
  • As these teams are unknown until a late date it is hard to organise other school friendlies, therefore in order to facilitate this the 2nd place school in each Pool plays the 2nd place school in the other Pool as a block fixture, etc. NOTE - Schools are not under any obligation to take this fixture, but it would be encouraged.
Saturday League, Division 1
sponsored by McKee McKenzie & Co.

Winners 2010: Methodist College

Honorary Competition Secretaries:
Pool A: David Keown, Pool B: Ian Latham

Saturday League, Division 2
sponsored by McKee McKenzie & Co.

Winners 2010: Friends' School

Honorary Competition Secretaries:
Pool A: Kyle McCallan, Pool B: John Reid

1. Bangor GS
2. Foyle & Londonderry College
3. Limavady GS
4. BRA
6. Friends' School

1. Campbell College
2. Methodist College

3. Sullivan Upper
4. Ballyclare HS
5. Wallace HS
6. Regent House

1. Down HS
2. RS Dungannon
3. RS Armagh
4. Banbridge Academy
5. Free date
6. Grosvenor GS
1. Belfast HS
2. Carrick GS
3. Free date
4. Ballymena Academy
5. Larne GS
6. Coleraine AI
There are 12 schools in this League so there will be relegation if the next school coming up from the Sherrygroom Cup wishes to be promoted. Winner on Finals Day is promoted to McCullough Cup (unless they would rather not take this opportunity)  

week 1 30th April Free May Day weekend. Schools may organise friendlies if they wish
week 2 7th May League  
week 3 14th May League  
week 4 21st May League  
week 5 28th May League  
week 6 4th June League  
week 7 11th June Free Schools may organise friendlies if they wish
week 8 18th June League Finals Day
week 9 25th June Free Schools may organise friendlies if they wish
NOTE - if any cup match for any age group is still to be played it should be played on this day and take preference over a friendly fixture.
This will hopefully enable more competitions to be completed on time.

30th April 7th May 14th May 21st May 28th May 4th June 11th June 18th June 25th June
Free 1 v 2 3 v 1 1 v 6 1 v 4 5 v 1 Free Finals day Free
3 v 5 6 v 2 2 v 5 2 v 3 4 v 2
6 v 4 5 v 4 4 v 3 5 v 6 3 v 6

  • Schools were allocated numbers as in the table above that have been drawn out. This means that the order of matches each year will be selected at random
  • It is recommended that schools play reverse of home & away fixtures from last season.