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NCU Annual General Meeting 2012


The NCU's Annual General Meeting for 2012 took place on Wednesday evening at Shaw's Bridge.

NCU President Chris Harte, Vice-President Billy Boyd, Chairman Brian Walsh and Vice-Chairman Andy Clement were re-elected for a second year.
Honorary Treasurer Dawn Johnston and Honorary Secretary Jack Quinn were also re-elected

Also elected:

Director of Cricket Development: Andy Clement
Director of Competitions: Roger Bell
Director of Finance and Sponsorship: Dawn Johnston
Arthur Bowron receives Jim McMorran Award from NCU President Chris HarteDirector of Forward Planning: Billy Boyd
Assistant Director of Cricket Development: Alan Waite
Assistant Director of Competitions: Neale Matthews
Assistant Director of Finance and Sponsorship: Richard Johnson
Assistant Director of Forward Planning: John Caldwell

Club Nominees
Cricket Development Directorate: Steven Dyer, George Glass, Andrew Rose, Peter Shields, David Skelton
Competitions Directorate: Adrian Campbell, Wylie McKinty
Finance and Sponsorship Directorate: Andy McCullough, Darren Ross
Forward Planning Directorate: Wylie McKinty

During the evening Templepatrick's Arthur Bowron was presented with the Jim McMorran Award for 2012 by NCU President Chris Harte.

Notices of Motion
Serial 1 - This would entitle all members of the Management Board to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting - PASSED

Serial 2 - This would prevent Honorary Life Members from voting at the Annual General Meeting unless they are also attending in another capacity that entitled them to vote (eg a club representative) - WITHDRAWN

Serial 3 - This would alter the Union’s financial year to run from 1st April to 31st March - PASSED

Serial 4 - This would remove the priority over League matches that Minor (Lindsay) and Minor Qualifying Cup semi-finals currently enjoy in the appointment of umpires - PASSED

Serial 5 - This would restrict the obligation to submit an umpires’ report to the captains of 1st XIs in weekend League or Cup matches (or their rearrangements) - PASSED

Serial 6 - This would introduce the use of the Duckworth/Lewis method in all rounds of the Junior Cup, thereby removing the requirement for the continuation of weather-affected matches - NOT PASSED

Serial 7 - This would reduce the maximum length of matches in Section 3 of the First Division to 40 overs (reducible in advance to 35 overs by agreement), with a 1.30 starting time in April, May or June and optional September rearrangements - PASSED

Serial 8 - This would extend the use of the Duckworth/Lewis method to Section 1 of the Junior League - NOT PASSED

Serial 9 - This clarifies that no reduction of overs in a delayed or interrupted Match 2 can take place earlier than 30 minutes after the published latest starting time.
This serial was amended from the floor on the evening to change the time to pass before a reduction in overs takes place to a maximum of 120 minutes from the starting time - this amendment was then PASSED