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Charlie Beverland Under 11 League (sponsored by Norman Shannon & Co., Solicitors)
Shield Winners 2011: Lurgan A
Plate Winners 2011: CIYMS

Honorary Competition Secretary: David Skelton
(B) 9052 8642 (M) 07763 420008 (E)

Youth Cricket League Rules 2012
Under 11 League Fixtures 2012 (PDF)

E.C.B. recommendation
It is recommended that no fielder who is under 15 years of age, except the wicketkeeper, shall be allowed to field nearer
than 8 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball.
Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4
CIYMS Armagh Ards Academy
Cregagh Donaghcloney Bangor Ballymena
CSNI B Laurelvale CSNI A  Carrickfergus
Derriaghy Lisburn Dundrum Cliftonville
Instonians B Lurgan A Instonians A Muckamore
Lurgan B Waringstown Holywood Templepatrick
Saintfield   North Down  
Sections 1 and 2 Secretary: David Skelton (B) 9052 8642 (M) 07763 420008 (E)
Section 1
By June 1
Instonians B beat CSNI B
Saintfield beat Lurgan B
Derriaghy beat Cregagh

By June 8
Derriaghy v CSNI B
Saintfield beat CIYMS
Lurgan B v Cregagh

By June 15
CSNI B v Cregagh
Instonians B beat Derriaghy
Lurgan B v CIYMS

By June 29
Lurgan B v CSNI B
Saintfield beat Cregagh
CIYMS beat Instonians B

By July 6
Derriaghy v Lurgan B
Instonians B beat Saintfield

By July 27
Saintfield beat Derriaghy
Cregagh v CIYMS
Instonians B beat Lurgan B

By August 3
Derriaghy v CIYMS
CSNI B v Saintfield
Instonians B beat Cregagh
Section 2
By June 1
Lurgan A v Armagh
Waringstown beat Lisburn
Laurelvale beat Donaghcloney

By June 15
Armagh v Waringstown
Lisburn beat Donaghcloney
Laurelvale v Lurgan A

By June 29
Armagh beat Laurelvale
Lurgan A v Lisburn 
Waringstown beat Donaghcloney

By July 27
Armagh beat Lisburn
Waringstown beat Laurelvale
Lurgan A beat Donaghcloney

By August 3
Armagh beat Donaghcloney
Waringstown beat Lurgan A
Laurelvale beat Lisburn
Sections 3 and 4 Secretary: Alan McIlwaine (M) 07817 359880 (E)
Section 3
By June 1
Instonians A v Ards
Holywood beat Bangor
CSNI A v North Down

By June 8
Dundrum v Bangor
Holywood v Ards 
North Down v Instonians A

By June 15
Instonians A v Holywood
Ards v North Down
CSNI A v Dundrum

By June 29
CSNI A v Ards
Instonians A v Bangor
Dundrum v North Down

By July 6
Holywood beat CSNI A by 80 runs
Ards v Dundrum
North Down v Bangor

By July 27
Bangor v CSNI A
Dundrum v Instonians A
North Down v Holywood

By August 3
CSNI A v Instonians A
Ards v Bangor
Holywood v Dundrum
Section 4
By June 1
Ballymena v Muckamore
Academy v Templepatrick
Cliftonville v Carrickfergus

By June 15
Templepatrick v Ballymena
Carrickfergus v Academy
Muckamore v Cliftonville

By June29
Ballymena v Academy
Templepatrick v Cliftonville
Carrickfergus v Muckamore

By July 27
Cliftonville v Ballymena
Academy v Muckamore
Carrickfergus beat Templepatrick

By August 3
Ballymena v Carrickfergus
Academy v Cliftonville
Muckamore v Templepatrick
Quarter Final
A  Instonians B beat Armagh
B  Holywood beat Waringstown 2-0 in a bowl out
C  Instonians A beat Templepatrick
D  Carrickfergus beat Saintfield 1-0 in a bowl out

Instonians A beat Instonians B by 50 runs
Carrickfergus beat Holywood 1-0 in a bowl out

Final - Friday 31st August - Shaw's Bridge @5.15PM
Instonians 94-5 (B McNamara 52, K Balmer 3-24)
Carrickfergus 48 (K Balmer 20, T Hopkins 5-3, M Humphreys 2-13)
Instonians beat Carrick by 46 runs

Quarter Final
A  Lurgan beat CIYMS by 3 wickets
B  Laurelvale beat CSNI A
C  Academy beat Ards by 9 wickets
D  Derriaghy beat Cliftonville

Lurgan beat Academy by 4 wickets
Laurelvale beat Derriaghy

Laurelvale 59-6 (C Thornbury 14, J Richardson 15, H Lockhart 2-15)
Lurgan 60-6 (H Lockhart 18no, J Grant 2-7)
Lurgan beat Laurelvale by 4 wickets