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Under 15 League
Honorary Competition Secretary: Neale Matthews
(H) 3833 7574 (E)

Youth Cricket League Rules 2012
Under 15 League Fixtures - Division 1(PDF)
Under 15 League Fixtures - Division 2(PDF)

E.C.B. recommendation
It is recommended that no fielder who is under 15 years of age, except the wicketkeeper, shall be allowed to field nearer
than 8 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball.

Division 1 -
The Pedagogues Trophy - Winners 2011: Laurelvale

Section A Section B Section C Section D
Academy Bangor CIYMS Armagh
Ballymena Downpatrick CSNI A Laurelvale
Carrickfergus Holywood Cregagh Lisburn
Muckamore North Down Derriaghy Lurgan A
Templepatrick Saintfield Instonians A Waringstown

Section A Honorary Secretary: Timothy Browne
(H) 9261 2870 (M) 07874 967210 (E)
Section A
May 11
Templepatrick beat Ballymena by 6 wickets
Carrickfergus v Muckamore

May 25
Academy v Carrickfergus
Muckamore v Ballymena

June 8
Templepatrick v Muckamore
Ballymena v Academy

June 15
Carrickfergus v Ballymena
Academy v Templepatrick

June 22
Muckamore v Academy
Templepatrick v Carrickfergus

June 29
Templepatrick v Ballymena
Muckamore v Carrickfergus

July 7
Carrickfergus v Academy
Ballymena v Muckamore

July 20
Muckamore v Templepatrick
Academy v Ballymena

July 27
Ballymena v Carrickfergus
Templepatrick v Academy

August 3
Academy v Muckamore
Carrickfergus v Templepatrick
Section B Honorary Secretary: Andy McCrea
(H) 9332 2492 (M) 07811 737047 (E)

Section B
May 11
Holywood beat Bangor by 6 wickets
Saintfield beat Downpatrick by 36 runs

May 25
North Down beat Downpatrick by 8 wickets
Bangor beat Saintfield by 43 runs

June 8
Saintfield beat Holywood beat 66 runs
Bangor beat North Down by 60 runs

June 15
Bangor beat Downpatrick by 8 wickets
North Down 73-2 (J Halliday 35) beat Holywood 72-9 by 8 wickets

June 22
Saintfield v North Down
Downpatrick beat Holywood by 9 wickets

June 29
Holywood v Bangor
Saintfield v Downpatrick

July 6
Downpatrick v North Down
Bangor v Saintfield

July 20
Saintfield v Holywood 
North Down v Bangor

July 27
Bangor v Downpatrick
North Down beat Holywood by 100 runs

August 3
Saintfield beat North Down by 1 wicket
Downpatrick v Holywood
Section C Honorary Secretary: Andrew Cowden
(H) 9084 4842 (M) 07960 993263 (E)
Section C
May 11
Instonians A v Cregagh

May 25
CSNI A v Derriaghy
CIYMS v Instonians A

June 8
Cregagh v CIYMS	
Instonians A v Derriaghy

June 15
CSNI A v Instonians A
Derriaghy v Cregagh

June 22
CIYMS v Derriaghy
Cregagh beat CSNI A by 2 runs

June 29
Cregagh v Instonians A

July 6
Derriaghy v CSNI A
Instonians A v CIYMS	

July 20
CIYMS v Cregagh
Derriaghy v Instonians A

July 27
Instonians A v CSNI A
Cregagh v Derriaghy 

August 3
Derriaghy v CIYMS
Cregagh v CSNI A
Section D Honorary Secretary: Colin Webster
(M) 07734 739136 (E)
Section D
May 11
Armagh v Laurelvale
Lurgan A v Waringstown A

May 25
Lisburn v Lurgan A
Waringstown A v Armagh

June 8
Laurelvale v Waringstown A
Armagh v Lisburn

June 15
Lurgan A v Armagh 
Lisburn v Laurelvale

June 22
Waringstown A v Lisburn
Laurelvale v Lurgan A

June 29
Laurelvale v Armagh
Waringstown A v Lurgan A

July 6
Lurgan A v Lisburn
Armagh v Waringstown A

July 20
Waringstown A v Laurelvale
Lisburn v Armagh

July 27
Armagh v Lurgan A
Laurelvale v Lisburn

August 3
Lisburn v Waringstown A
Lurgan A v Laurelvale
All Group matches to be completed by 3 August

SEMI-FINALS (by August 17)
Waringstown beat Academy
Bangor beat CSNI

August 30 - Waringstown CC
Bangor 102-8 (20 overs, N Khan 48, J Mitchell 4-25)
Waringstown 104-0 (10.3 overs, A Dennison 63, S Wilson 33no)
Waringstown beat Bangor by 10 wickets

Division 2
Honorary Competition Secretary: Andrew Rose
(M) 07967 580122

Section A Section B
Ards Donaghcloney
Cliftonville Dundrum
Cooke Collegians Instonians B
CSNI B Lurgan B
Larne Waringstown B

Section A Honorary Secretary: Wylie McKinty
(H) 2827 0293 (M) 07876 358921
Section A
May 11
Ards v Cooke Collegians - postponed
Larne v CSNI B - postponed

May 25
Cliftonville v CSNI B
Larne v Ards - postponed

June 8
Cooke Collegians v Larne - postponed
Ards beat Cliftonville by 7 wickets

June 15
CSNI B beat Ards by 6 wickets
Cliftonville v Cooke Collegians

June 22
Larne v Cliftonville
Cooke Collegians v CSNI B

June 29
Cooke Collegians v Ards
CSNI B v Larne

July 6
CSNI B v Cliftonville
Ards v Larne

July 20
Larne v Cooke Collegians
Cliftonville v Ards

July 27
Ards v CSNI B
Cooke Collegians v Cliftonville

August 3
Cliftonville v Larne
CSNI B v Cooke Collegians
Section B Honorary Secretary:Andrew Rose
(M) 07967 580122
Section B
May 11
Lurgan B v Instonians B
Waringstown B beat Donaghcloney by 4 runs

May 25
Dundrum v Waringstown B
Donaghcloney beat Lurgan B by 9 wickets

June 8
Instonians B v Donaghcloney
Lurgan B v Dundrum

June 15
Waringstown B v Lurgan B
Dundrum v Instonians B

June 22
Donaghcloney v Dundrum
Instonians B v Waringstown B

June 29
Instonians B v Lurgan B
Donaghcloney v Waringstown B

July 6
Waringstown B v Dundrum
Lurgan B v Donaghcloney

July 20
Donaghcloney v Instonians B
Dundrum v Lurgan B 

July 27
Lurgan B v Waringstown B
Instonians B v Dundrum

August 3
Dundrum v Donaghcloney
Waringstown B v Instonians B

FINAL - 28th August at Shaw's Bridge
Donaghcloney 114-7 (B Daly 58, R Lyttle 25, C Balfour 3-24)
Ards 103-7 (C Crawford 29, J Joy 3-21)
Donaghcloney beat Ards by 11 runs