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Under 15 League 2013
E.C.B. recommendation
It is recommended that no fielder who is under 15 years of age, except the wicketkeeper, shall be allowed to field nearer
than 8 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball.

Division 1 - The Pedagogues Trophy - Winners 2012: Waringstown
Honorary Competition Secretary: Andrew Rose
(H) 07967 580122

Section A Honorary Secretary: Andy McCrea
2B Collinview, Green Road, Ballyclare BT39 9AR
(H) 9332 2492 (M) 07811 737047

Section A
By 10th May
Cregagh beat CSNI by 69 runs
Donaghcloney v Lisburn
Waringstown beat Lurgan by 10 wickets

By 24th May
Cregagh beat Waringstown by 36 runs
CSNI beat Donaghcloney by 10 wickets
Lisburn beat Lurgan by 42 runs

By 7th June
Donaghcloney v Lurgan
Lisburn beat Cregagh by 14 runs
CSNI beat Waringstown by 10 wickets

By 21st June
CSNI beat Lisburn by 8 wickets
Waringstown beat Donaghcloney by 65 runs
Cregagh beat Lurgan by 40 runs

By 28th June
Cregagh beat Donaghcloney by 184 runs
CSNI v Lurgan
Waringstown v Lisburn
Section B Honorary Secretary: Colin Webster
59 Lord Moira Park, Ballynahinch BT24 8TF
(M) 07734 739136
Section B
By 10th May
Ards v Ballymena

CIYMS 130-7 (J Matchett 66, R Watts 28, A Knape 3-3)
Instonians 124-7 (B McGavock 63, B Mellor 22, T Millar 1-5)
CIYMS won by six runs

North Down v Templepatrick	

By 24th May
Ballymena v CIYMS

Instonians 106-6 (B Mellor 24, R O’Donnell 21no, P Kerr 20)
North Down 75 (A Kerr 2-1, R O’Donnell 2-10 S McCaughan 2-17)
Instonians beat North Down by 31 runs

Templepatrick v Ards

By 7th June
Ards v CIYMS
Ballymena v North Down

Templepatrick 120-8 (J Magee 75, S Whiteman 24, B Mellor 3-13, S McCaughan 2-23)
Instonians 124-5 (B Mellor 44, S McCaughan 27, G Dargan 3-24)
Instonians beat Templepatrick by five wickets

By 21st June
Instonians walkover v Ards
Ballymena v Templepatrick
North Down v CIYMS

By 28th June
CIYMS v Templepatrick

Instonians 201-4 (B Mellor 158no)
Ballymena 64(S Glass 19, A Kerr 3-2, B Connolly 3-4)
Instonians won by 137 runs

North Down v Ards
Instonians beat Cregagh by 30 runs
Winners Section B v Runners–Up Section A

Instonians 177-4 (B McGavock 46, B Mellor 40, A Knape 36no, B Cochrane 25)
Cregagh 147-5 (M Johnston 74, A McCormick 43, B McGavock 2-17)
Instonians beat Cregagh by 30 runs

Division 1 Final - 16th August at Belmont, CIYMS CC
Instonians 145-9 (B McGavock 44, C Reid 23, C Robinson 3-25, J Matchett 2-21, D Robinson 2-22, S Hodgson 2-30)
CIYMS 83 (R Watts 14, A Knape 2-17, B Mellor 2-20, S McCaughan 5-32)
Instonians beat CIYMS by 62 runs

Under 15 Division 1 2013 Winners - Instonians under 15s

NCU President Chris Harte presents the Division 1 League Cup to Instonians captain S McCaughan

Division 2 - Winners 2012: Donaghcloney
Honorary Competition Secretary: Neale Matthews
18 Chasewood Gardens, Portadown BT 63 5TZ
(M) 07802 426264

Section A Honorary Secretary: Andrew Cowden
18 Christine Park, Newtownabbey BT36 6TD
(H) 9084 4842 (M) 07960 993263
Section A
By 10th May
Academy v Bangor
Carrickfergus beat Cliftonville
Derriaghy v Holywood

By 24th May
Carrickfergus beat Bangor
Derriaghy beat Cliftonville
Holywood beat Muckamore

By 31st May
Carrickfergus walkover v Derriaghy
Holywood v Cliftonville
Muckamore beat Academy

By 7th June
Bangor v Holywood
Muckamore beat Cliftonville
Academy beat Derriaghy

By 14th June
Academy v Holywood
Derriaghy v Bangor 
Muckamore beat Carrickfergus 

By 21st June
Academy v Cliftonville
Muckamore beat Bangor
Carrickfergus beat Holywood

By 28th June
Carrickfergus v Academy
Cliftonville v Bangor
Muckamore walkover v Derriaghy
Team P W L T PTS
Muckamore 6 5 1 0  20
Carrickfergus 5 4 0 0 16
Academy 2 1 1 0 4
Derriaghy 4 1 3 0 4
Holywood 2 1 1 0 4
Bangor 2 0 2 0 0
Cliftonville 3 0 3 0   0
Section B Honorary Secretary: Timothy Browne
(H) 9261 2870 (M) 07874 967210

Section B
By 10th May Downpatrick v Dundrum Laurelvale v Lurgan B By 24th May Armagh v Laurelvale Saintfield v Lurgan B By 31st May Armagh v Saintfield Lurgan B v Dundrum By 7th June Downpatrick v Lurgan B Dundrum v Laurelvale By 14th June Downpatrick v Armagh Laurelvale v Saintfield By 21st June Armagh v Dundrum Saintfield v Downpatrick By 28th June Dundrum v Saintfield Laurelvale v Downpatrick Lurgan B v Armagh

Muckamore beat Armagh

Carrickfergus 171-7 (S Scott 98, J Burton 48, J Montgomery 2-31)
Downpatrick 140-3 (C Power 61no, R McCoubrey 44no, S Scott 2-11)
Carrick beat Downpatrick by 31 runs

Division 2 Final - 30th August at Middle Road, Carrickfergus CC
Muckamore 136-4 (S Gordon 58, A Aditya 35, S Scott 3-29)
Carrickfergus 119-6 (J Burton 25, S Osborne 21, A Aditya 2-14, S Gordon 2-16)
Muckamore beat Carrickfergus by 17 runs

Under 15 Division 2 Winners 2013 - Muckamore