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(Saturday League, Division 1)

Winners 2013: Finals day rained off - Trophy shared by Foyle College and Wallace High School

Honorary Competition Secretaries:
Pools A & B: David Keown  (M) 079 7281 8760  (E)
Pools C & D: Ian Latham (E)

Finals - Saturday 14th June
1st and 2nd place play off(McCullough Cup Final) RBAI (16pts) beat Foyle College (8pts)
3rd and 4th place play off Bangor v Wallace
5th and 6th place play off MCB v Friends
7th and 8th place play off Down High v Limavady GS
9th and 10th place play off Sullivan v Coleraine
11th and 12th place play off Campbell College v BRA
13th and 14th place play off Grosvenor v Ballyclare
15th and 16th place play off Regent House   Free day

Semi-Finals - Saturday 31st May
1st   RBAI (16pts) beat Bangor GS (4pts)   Foyle College beat Wallace HS
2nd   Down HS v MCB   Limavady GS v Friends' School
3rd   Sullivan Upper beat Campbell College   Coleraine AI beat BRA
4th   Regent House v Grosvenor GS   Bye: Ballyclare HS

Table - Pool A
                    P   Pts
Bangor GS           3   10
Down HS             3    8
Sullivan Upper      3    6
Regent House        3    0
Table - Pool B
                    P   Pts
Foyle College       2    6
Limavady GS         2    4
Coleraine AI        2    2
Table - Pool C
                    P   Pts
RBAI                3   12
MCB                 3    8
Campbell College    3    4
Grosvenor GS        3    0
Table - Pool D
                    P   Pts
Wallace HS          3   12
Friends' School     3    8
BRA                 3    4
Ballyclare HS       3    0
Results - Pool A
Week 3
Bangor GS (14pts) bt Regent House (6pts)
Down HS bt Sullivan Upper

Week 2
Down HS (16pts) bt Regent House (0pts)
Sullivan U v Bangor GS - washout

Week 1
Bangor GS (12pts) bt Down HS (8pts)
Sullivan U (20pts) bt Regent House (0pts)
Results - Pool B
Week 3
Limavady GS (20pts) bt Coleraine AI (0pts)

Week 2
Foyle Coll. tied with Coleraine AI washout

Week 1
Foyle Coll. (16pts) bt Limavady GS (8pts)
Results - Pool C
Week 3
RBAI (16pts) bt Campbell C. (8pts)
MCB (12pts) bt Grosvenor GS (8pts)

Week 2
RBAI (16pts) bt Grosvenor GS (0pts)
MCB (16pts) bt Campbell C. (8pts)

Week 1
Campbell C. (16pts) bt Grosvenor GS (4pts)
RBAI (16pts) bt MCB (8pts)
Results - Pool D
Week 3
Wallace HS (18pts) bt BRA (6pts)
Friends School (16pts) bt Ballyclare HS(4pts)

Week 2
Wallace HS (20pts) bt Ballyclare HS (4pts)
Friends School (12pts) bt BRA (8pts)

Week 1
Wallace HS (16pts) bt Friends School (8pts)
BRA (18pts) bt Ballyclare HS (6pts)