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Winners 2013: Regent House

Honorary Competition Secretary: Tony Phillips (H) 9066 6855 (e)

First Round - by 9th May
    A  Ballyclare Sec Sch receive a bye to second round
    B  Regent House beat Campbell College 'B'
    C  Campbell College 'A' beat Belfast HS
    D  Ballyclare HS receive a bye to second round
Second Round - by 23rd May
    E  Lurgan JHS beat BRA by 21 runs
    F  Regent House beat Ballyclare Sec Sch
    G  Campbell College 'A' beat Ballyclare HS
    H  Down HS 154-1 (G Hutley 58no, S Campbell 66no) beat Friends 135-3 (M Prentice 56no, E Kyle 26) by 19 runs
Semi Finals - by 6th June
    I  Lurgan JHS beat Regent House by 45 runs
    J  Campbell College 'A' beat Down HS
      Campbell College 'A' beat Lurgan JHS by 10 wickets