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Under 13 League 2014 (sponsored by Ballymena Cricket Club)

E.C.B. recommendation
It is recommended that no fielder who is under 15 years of age, except the wicketkeeper, shall be allowed to field nearer
than 8 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball.
The Tom Greenwood Cup - Winners 2013: Lurgan

Competition Secretary: George Hamill
109 Killycomain Road, Portadown BT63 5BY
(H) 3833 7021
(M) 07808 135346

Division 1 Final - Friday 15th August at Eaton Park, Ballymena
Instonians 94-3
Waringstown 91-7
Instonians beat Waringstown by 3 runs
By 30th May
Instonians A beat Ballymena by 100 runs
Lurgan A beat Templepatrick A by 72 runs
Waringstown beat CIYMS A

By 13th June
Ballymena 69-6 beat CIYMS 53 by 16 runs
Instonians A 114-9 (P Hanna 28) beat CSNI A 92 by 22 runs
Templepatrick tied with Waringstown

By 20th June
Lurgan A v Instonians A
Templepatrick 85-1 beat Ballymena 84-5 by 9 wickets
Waringstown beat CSNI A

By 27th June
CIYMS A v Lurgan A
Templepatrick A 86-6 beat CSNI A 85-5 by 4 wickets
Instonians A 145-2 beat Waringstown 142-6 by 8 wickets
By 25th July
CSNI A 75-5 beat Lurgan A 74-7 by 5 wickets
Instonians A 100-5 beat CIYMS A 71-8 by 29 runs
Waringstown beat Ballymena

By 1st August
CIYMS A v Templepatrick A
CSNI A v Ballymena
Lurgan A v Waringstown

By 8th August
Ballymena v Lurgan A
Templepatrick A v Instonians A

The Queensway Shield - Winners 2013: Derriaghy

Sections A and B Honorary Secretary: Maurice McDevitte
5 Bramble Grange, Newtownabbey BT37 0XH
(H) 9086 6332
(M) 07767 211211

Quarter-Finals (By 8th August)
E  Instonians B 84-9 (A Wylie 30) beat Academy 83-5 (L Johnston 40ret, J Rose 2-16) by 1 wicket
F  Derriaghy beat Muckamore by 82 runs
G  Lisburn 104-9 (C McDowell 40ret, Z Croskery 22) beat Holywood 75-6 (M Glass 2-6, N Doak 2-9 by 29 runs)
H  Saintfield beat Donaghcloney

Semi–Finals (By 15th August)
Instonians B 99-9 (S McLarnan 23, P Hanna 18, N Doak 3-24, M Glass 2-14)
Lisburn 103-1 (C McDowell 42rtd, N Doak 22no, J Postlethwaite 18no)
Lisburn beat Instonians B by 9 wickets

Derriaghy beat Saintfield by 1 wicket

Final - 22nd August at Wallace Park
Lisburn 97-2 (N Doak 37no, J Postlewaite 22no, C McDowell 18)
Derriaghy 98-0 (R Malone 40ret, R Jamison 35no, J Lynch 10no)
Derriaghy beat Lisburn by 10 wickets
Section A
Academy win group - Muckamore runners up

By 30th May
Templepatrick B 75-9 (E Crawford 23, J Loughins 3-8, R Hunter 3-5)
Carrickfergus 80-1 (M Burton 40 ret, AJ Hussell 19no)
Carrickfergus beat Templepatrick 'B' by 9 wickets  

Muckamore beat Cliftonville by 83 runs

By 13th June
Muckamore v Carrickfergus

Templepatrick B 45 (L Johnston 5-5 incl hat trick)
Academy 46–1 (R Moffett 35no) 
Academy beat Templepatrick 'B' by 9 wickets    

By 20th June
Academy 119-6 (Moffett 29, Solomon 20)
Carrick  106 (Colleston 40ret, Burton 34, L Johnston 2-5)
Academy beat Carrick by 13 runs

Templepatrick 'B' v Cliftonville

By 27th June
Academy 91-4 (Solomon 39, Moffett 26, Arnold 2-16)
Muckamore 74-6 (Johnston 35, McCullough 30, Parkes 3-14, Moffett 2-4)
Academy beat Muckamore by 17 runs
Cliftonville v Carrickfergus

By 25th July
Academy v Cliftonville
Muckamore beat Templepatrick 'B' by 78 runs
Section B
Derriaghy win group - Instonians B runners up

By 30th May
Ards 70-8 (A Grimshaw 25, M Wilson 2-8, J Lynch 2-22, R Brown 1-5)
Derriaghy 71-1 (J Lynch 39no) 
Derriaghy won by 9 wickets

Instonians B 47-2 (S Cameron 27) beat CSNI B 45 by 8 wickets

By 13th June
Cregagh v CSNI B

Derriaghy 142-7 (R Brown 40 ret, R Malone 26) 
Instonians B 106 (B Crothers 24, O Lowe 20, R Brown 2-2) 
Derriaghy won by 36 runs

By 20th June
Ards 88-7 (C Ervine 3-23, R Sloan 2-16)
Cregagh 142-3 (R Sloan 44ret, A Lawrie 42ret, G Warnock 2-24
Cregagh win by 54 runs

Derriaghy v CSNI B

By 27th June
CSNI B v Ards

Cregagh 51 (A Nelson 19, B Crothers 3-2, J Mitchell 2-0, A Armstrong 2-0)
Instonians B 52-5 (P Hanna 19, A Nelson 3-21)
Instonians B beat Cregagh by 5 wickets

By 25th July
Instonians B 139-4 (C Johnston 25, P Hanna 29, O Lowe 20)
Ards 94-5 (B Crothers 2-17
Instonians B beat Ards by 45 runs

Derriaghy beat Cregagh

Sections C and D Honorary Secretary: Alan Chambers
(M) 07749 310471

Section C
Lisburn win group - Donaghcloney runners up

By 30th May
Laurelvale beat Armagh - Match awarded to Laurelvale

Lisburn 110-3 (M Glass 33, N Doak 26, J Postlethwaite 20no)
Donaghcloney 72-8 (J Postlethwaite 2-6, N Doak 2=6, C McDowell 2-19)
Lisburn beat Donaghcloney by 38 runs

By 13th June
Armagh 93-4 (N Jennings 30no, B Nicholl 22, R Faulkner 17)
Lisburn 97-1 (N Doak 40rtd, M Glass 35)
Lisburn won by 9 wickets

Laurelvale 122 (R Chambers 42rtd, A Speers 22) beat Lurgan B 117

By 20th June
Donaghcloney 89 (C Woods 37)
Laurelvale 87 (R Chambers 43rtd)
Donaghcloney beat Laurelvale by 2 runs

Lurgan B v Armagh

By 27th June
Donaghcloney beat Armagh
Lisburn beat Lurgan B

By 25th July
Donaghcloney v Lurgan B
Laurelvale v Lisburn - void
Section D
Saintfield win group - Holywood runners up

By 30th May
Bangor 115-6 beat Downpatrick 53-5 by 62 runs
Holywood 53-2 beat Dundrum 50 by 8 wickets
Saintfield beat North Down

By 13th June
Holywood 67-3 beat Downpatrick 66 by 7 wickets

Bangor 68-5 beat North Down 60-5 by 8 runs 

Saintfield 88-3 (Ewan Scott 41rtd) beat
Dundrum 83 (S Campbell 41rtd) by 7 wickets

By 20th June
Dundrum beat Bangor by 19 runs
Saintfield beat Holywood

Downpatrick 98-4 (D O'Donoghue 37no, W Orr 22)
North Down 73-4 (R Copeland 23, D O'Donoghue 3-10)
Downpatrick beat North Down by 25 runs

By 27th June
Saintfield beat Bangor

Downpatrick 35 (D O'Donoghue 14, S Campbell 3-1, S Davis 3-6)
Dundrum 36-5 (G Hutley 10)
Dundrum beat Downpatrick by 8 wickets

Holywood beat North Down

By 25th July
Holywood 22-1 beat Bangor 21 by 9 wickets

North Down 127 (G Hutley 2-25)
Dundrum 128-2 (S Campbell 40 ret, G Hutley 40 ret) 
Dumdrum beat North Down by 8 wickets 

Sainfield 92-7 (C McGuire 21, C Lindsay 17)
Downpatrick 55
Saintfield beat Downpatrick by 37 runs