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IACUS Scorer Survey

Kevin Gallagher (IACUS PRO)

In an effort to identify and gather information on Scorers in all regions IACUS has put together a questionnaire on matters related to cricket scoring. It's aimed at anyone and everyone that keeps score at any level, from a parent at a schools match to a regular club scorer (not just 1st XI) and on to people with International match experience.
The information gathered by the survey will be used to inform scorer related development and policy into the future. As part of the IACUS Strategic Plan there is a target to greatly increase  the number of active scorers, the educational opportunities for those scorers and the opportunities available for scorers are representative levels.
We would ask anyone who has ever 'marked a book' to complete the questionnaire and help us to provide the best structures for cricket scoring into the future. The questionnaire can be found here: