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GORDON McCULLOUGH MEMORIAL CUP (Saturday League, Division 1)

Winners 2014: RBAI

Honorary Competition Secretaries:
Pools A & B: David Keown  (M) 079 7281 8760  (E)
Pools C & D: Ian Latham (E)

Finals Day Matches - Saturday 13th June
1st and 2nd place play off (McCullough Cup Final) RBAI beat Limavady GS
3rd and 4th place play off Wallace HS beat Bangor GS
5th and 6th place play off Foyle College beat BRA
7th and 8th place play off MCB beat Down High
9th and 10th place play off Coleraine AI drew with Campbell College
11th and 12th place play off Sullivan Upper drew with Friends' School, Lisburn
13th and 14th place play off Ballyclare HS beat Regent House
15th and 16th place play off Grosvenor GS   Free day

Table - Pool A
                    P   Pts  Diff
Bangor GS           3    5    38
Sullivan Upper      3    3    28
Down HS             2    2    20
Regent House        2    0    12 
Table - Pool B
                    P   Pts  Diff
Limavady GS         2    3    26
Foyle College       2    3    24
Coleraine AI        2    0    10
Table - Pool C
                    P   Pts  Diff
RBAI                3   12    54
MCB                 3    6    34
Campbell College    3    6    28
Grosvenor GS        3    0    12
Table - Pool D
                    P   Pts  Diff
Wallace HS          3   12    44
BRA                 3    8    38
Friends' School     3    4    26
Ballyclare HS       3    0    16
Results - Pool A
Week 3
Bangor GS (14pts) bt Regent House (4pts)
Down HS (10pts) tied with Sullivan Upper (10pts)

Week 2
Down HS (pts) v Regent House (pts)
Bangor GS (14pts) bt Sullivan U (6pts)

Week 1
Bangor GS (10pts) tied with Down HS (10pts)
Sullivan U (12pts) bt Regent House (8pts)
Results - Pool B
Week 3
Limavady GS (16pts) bt Coleraine AI (4pts)

Week 2
Foyle Coll. (14pts) bt with Coleraine AI (6pts)

Week 1
Foyle Coll. (10pts) tied Limavady GS (10pts)
Results - Pool C
Week 3
RBAI (20pts) bt Campbell C. (0pts)
MCB (16pts) bt Grosvenor GS (4pts)

Week 2
Campbell C. (12pts) tied with MCB (12pts)
RBAI (16pts) bt Grosvenor GS (4pts)

Week 1
Campbell C. (16pts) bt Grosvenor GS (4pts)
RBAI (18pts) bt MCB (6pts)
Results - Pool D
Week 3
Wallace HS (14pts) bt BRA (6pts)
Friends School (14pts) bt Ballyclare HS(6pts)

Week 2
BRA (16pts) bt Friends School (4pts)
Wallace HS (18pts) bt Ballyclare HS (2pts)

Week 1
BRA (16pts) bt Ballyclare HS (8pts) Wallace HS (12pts) bt Friends School (8pts)