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Carrickfergus Cricket Club Gain Clubmark NI Re-Accreditation

Richard White

Clubmark NI is the quality standard for junior sports clubs in Northern Ireland. The programme aims to identify, develop, accredit and recognise high quality operational standards in junior sports clubs and the contribution that they make to the development of sport in Northern Ireland.

Carrickfergus Cricket Club first gained Level 1 Clubmark NI Accreditation status in February 2011 through the Cricket Ireland Clubmark NI Accreditation Scheme (the scheme is valid for 3 years); subsequently Carrickfergus Cricket Club have been working towards re-accreditation, and in September 2016 their dedication and operating standards were again recognised.

Photograph: Nigel Jones (Cricket Ireland Regional Development Officer) presenting Clubmark NI Re-Accreditation Certificate to Jim Nelson (Carrickfergus Cricket Club Chairman and Roger Bell (Carrickfergus Cricket Club Past President)

On news of their re-accreditation Jim Nelson (Club Chairman) went on to say:

"We are delighted to have gained re-accreditation under the Cricket Ireland Clubmark NI Accreditation Scheme which we first gained in 2011. Thanks to the continuing hard work of Past President Roger Bell, the Committee, all the volunteer coaches without whom this would not have been possible and the guidance of Nigel Jones and the Cricket Ireland staff we believe we have the template in place to continue to go from strength to strength on and off the playing field. It is particularly pleasing for parents to be content that we have the policies and procedures in place to provide a high quality sporting foundation for young participants in a safe environment."

To gain Level 1 Accreditation status, clubs are required to evidence compliance with the core Clubmark NI criteria and sport specific criteria:

1. Effective Management - well managed clubs will be committed to ongoing development, and will implement measures to ensure that the club will continue to progress and to retain quality standards.

2. Quality Coaching and Competition - clubs should take their lead from their sport's governing body and should be compliant with their guidelines.

3. Safety in Sport - a commitment to provide appropriate and enjoyable sporting activities in safe environments. Key safety issues include: safeguarding children, first aid, codes of conduct.

The benefits can include:

1. Recruiting and developing volunteers
2. Parental appreciation, satisfaction, comfort and confidence
3. Safe environment for children and young people
4. High quality professional service

Sport Northern Ireland value the essential and significant role that sports clubs play in the development of sport, providing outlets for participation, while also providing quality environments for talented young athletes to develop. The competitive opportunities offered by clubs are yet another key opportunity for participation and development.

For any Cricket clubs in the NCU interested in registering onto the Cricket Ireland Clubmark NI Accreditation scheme, more information is available by contacting their Regional Development Officer, Nigel Jones at