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Charlie Beverland Under 11 Leagues 2016 (sponsored by Norman Shannon & Co., Solicitors)
Division 1 Winners 2015: Instonians A
Division 2 Winners 2015: Derriaghy
Division 3 Winners 2015: Instonians C

E.C.B. recommendation
It is recommended that no fielder who is under 15 years of age, except the wicketkeeper, shall be allowed to field nearer
than 8 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball.
Division 1 - Competition Secretary: Andrew Rose (M) 07967580122 (E)
By 27th May
Donaghcloney  v  Instonians A
Instonians B  v  Waringstown 

By 3rd June
CIYMS A  v  Donaghcloney
Instonians A beat Instonians B by 7 wickets
Waringstown  v  CSNI A

By 10th June
CSNI A  v  Instonians B
Instonians A beat CIYMS A by 70 runs
Waringstown  v  Donaghcloney
By 24th June
Donaghcloney 113 (R Matthews 27no, D Alexander 24, L Cousins 24)
Waringstown 60 (S Topping 32rtd)
Donaghcloney beat Waringstown by 53 runs

CIYMS A  v  Instonians B

Instonians A beat CSNI A by 8 wickets

By 29th July
Instonians B  v  Donaghcloney
Instonians A beat Waringstown by 4 wickets 

This is a league with no knockout stages
Division 2 - Competition Secretary: Alan McIlwaine (M) 07817 359880 (E)
Section A
By 10th June
Academy	v Ballymena

Carrick 86-9 (C Burton 35no, T Cowton 27, J Keates 3-10, J Kennedy 2-7)
Muckamore 87-2 (S Magee 29, J Kennedy 27no, B Bingham 14)
Muckamore beat Carrickfergus by 8 wickets

By 17th June
Ballymena	v Carrickfergus
Muckamore beat Templepatrick A

By 24th June
Muckamore	v Ballymena
Templepatrick A walkover v Academy

By 1st July
Templepatrick A beat Carrickfergus
Muckamore	v Academy

By 29th July
Templepatrick A beat Ballymena
Carrickfergus walkover v Academy

Section C
By 10th June
Laurelvale 112-8 (J Livingstone 30ret, J Speers 25, T Entwistle 18no)
Armagh 25 (T Smyth 3-11, J Livingstone 2-3, J Speers 2-9)
Laurelvale beat Armagh by 87 runs

Derriaghy A	v Lurgan

By 17th June
Laurelvale 99-4 (J Speers 28, T Entwistle 14no, S McElhinney 2-10)
Derriaghy 75 (B Cairns 15, T Smyth 3-6, A Joseph 3-11)
Laurelvale beat Derriaghy by 24 runs

Lisburn beat Lurgan by 34 runs

By 24th June
Derriaghy A	v Armagh
Laurelvale A beat Lisburn by 46 runs

By 1st July
Armagh		v Lisburn
Laurelvale A	v Lurgan

By 29th July
Lisburn		v Derriaghy A
Lurgan		v Armagh
Section B
By 10th June
Bangor		v Holywood
North Down	v Saintfield

By 17th June
Bangor beat Dundrum by 50 runs
Holywood	v North Down

By 24th June
North Down	v Bangor
Dundrum 94-6 beat Saintfield 53 by 41 runs

By 1st July
Dundrum	v Holywood
Bangor beat Saintfield by 31 runs

By 29th July
Holywood	v Saintfield
Dundrum	v North Down

Section D
By 10th June
Instonians C beat CIYMS B by 24 runs
Cliftonville	v Cregagh

By 17th June
CSNI B beat Cregagh by 6 wickets
Instonians C	beat Cliftonville by 6 wickets

By 24th June
CIYMS B	v Cliftonville
Instonians C beat CSNI B

By 1st July
Instonians C beat Cregagh by 5 wickets

By 29th July
CIYMS 77-6 (E Trill 18, N Kelly 2-7)
Cregagh 81-1 (N Kelly 23ret, D Henry 17ret, M Rae 15)
Cregagh beat CIYMS B by 9 wickets 

Cliftonville	v CSNI B
Knock-out Stages
A  Muckamore beat Lisburn 49 runs
B  CSNI B beat Bangor
C  Laurelvale beat Templepatrick by 59 runs
D  Instonians C beat Dundrum

Muckamore 48 (S Magee 21, J West 2-7) 
CSNICC 50-5 (L Van Der Feltz 17, J West 10no, O Dyer 7no) CSNI B beat Muckamore by 5 wickets Laurelvale 81-5 (D Donnelly 2-6, J Holmes 2-7) Instonians C 82-4 (D Hogg 32no, B McCausland 24) Instonians C beat Laurelvale by 6 wickets Final 19th August Instonians C beat CSNI B by 10 runs
Division 3
The following teams have indicated a desire to play hard ball/pairs cricket.
There will be no formal league structure this year but clubs are encouraged to play as much as they can.
If during the course of the season other clubs find they have sufficient numbers to field a 'pairs team' 
they should arrange games with clubs below.

Cooke Collegians
Cregagh B
Derriaghy B
Instonians D
Laurelvale B
Templepatrick B

Contacts for the clubs can be found under Club Information.