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NCU Club Forum 2017

NCU Development Staff

The Northern Cricket Union and its regional development staff wish to invite all clubs from across the union to join them on Tuesday 21st March at the Lagan Valley Island Civic Centre in Lisburn from 6:30-9pm to engage in a 'state of the nation' evening.

With the latest announcements coming from Cricket Ireland and the upcoming appointments of union based general managers, we are fast approaching a new dawn for Cricket across the island. Undoubtedly there will be challenges ahead to work through, however these challenges will also provide us with many new opportunities which will enable us to push the game forward here in the NCU like never before.

The grassroots game will continue to have an ever increasing spotlight focused on it as we look to further increase club life support - while in turn challenging clubs to be more accountable with their governance and responsibility towards future planning against potential threats to operational standards and general survival.

The evening will cover the following areas of discussion:

  • The NCU and Board
  • Governance and timelines
  • Emerging Accreditation scheme
  • Club Life – Development staff support
  • Northern Knights
  • Club resources hot desks (available between 8-9pm) – club development material, Emerging Accreditation Scheme assistance, Access NI checks and general support will be available.

For further information or to register your club's attendance at the NCU Club Forum evening please contact Nigel Jones, Regional Development Officer on / 07585400121 by Friday 17th March.

Please note: places are limited to 3 attendees per club.