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Andrew White NCU Cricket Academy - Class of 2016-2017 Batting Against Spin Bowling

Richard White

The Andrew White NCU Cricket Academy continues to meet and develop the skills and mindset of young talented cricketers. A recent session looked at batting against spin bowling, and the effectiveness of using footwork. Although time does not allow for a prolonged period spent on each skill development, players are challenged to think about their game and how they can go beyond their comfort zone.

Virat Kohli's (India) attitude to practice was highlighted where he had stated, 'my basic thinking is I am going into a practice session, I want to learn something, I want to improve, I want to be an improved cricketer, even if it is by 0.1 per cent after the end of each practice session. I don't go in thinking I am going to slog today or there is no purpose to practice.'

Photo right shows the Andrew White NCU Cricket Academy wearing their new training kit.

The game has progressed with players scoring in all areas of the cricket ground and as such many options are required to score against spin bowling. It was stressed to the young Academy cricketers the importance of using their feet to get into a position where angles can be created to strike the balls into gaps. Against spin, the best players, use their feet at all times, either coming down to the pitch of the ball or quickly pressing off the front foot to score off the back foot.

Andrew White says that the 'drills used in the Academy sessions have been simple but effective with players working hard to raise the accuracy of what they are attempting to accomplish. Some are naturally strong and powerful whilst others are more akin to manipulating the bowling. Trying to combine the two should be the target of our young players'.

New Zealander Martin Crowe, of the finest batsmen in the world during the last two decades of the 20th Century stated that, 'batting, is about moving the body in reaction to a moving ball. Once in the right position, it is only then that relevance to hitting the ball applies, to stroke the ball into a gap in the field'.