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The Presidents Plate Winners 2017: Grosvenor Grammar School

Honorary Competition Secretary: Kyle McCallan (M) 078 7068 3061 (e)

1st ROUND – A team losing its first match in the Cup will play the appropriate fellow-loser by the date of the next round in accordance with the Cup draw.
2nd ROUND – Subsequent rounds will be drawn and will take place on the same dates as the corresponding Schools’ Cup rounds.
FINAL (by arrangement between Finalists)

First Round (by 9th May)
    A   RBAI 2nd XI v Ballymena Academy
    B   Sullivan Upper School (Bye)
    C   Lurgan College (Bye)
    D   Antrim Grammar School (Bye)
    E   Belfast High School (Bye)
    F   Regent House (Bye)
    G   Ballyclare High School beat Royal School Armagh
    H   Friends' School, Lisburn Bye
Second Round (by 23rd May)
    I   RBAI 2nd XI beat Sullivan Upper School by 53 runs
    J   Lurgan College v Antrim Grammar School
    K   Belfast High School walkover v Regent House
    L   Ballyclare High School beat Friends' School Lisburn
    RBAI 2nd XI 100 (J Kelly 23, D Erskine 5-19)
    Sullivan Upper School 47 (R Glasgow 4-11)
    RBAI 2nd XI beat Sullivan Upper School by 53 runs
Semi Finals (by 2nd June)
    M   RBAI 2nd XI v J
    N   Belfast High School v Ballyclare High School
    M v N