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Graham Cup - 2018

Winners 2017: Instonians

Honorary Competition Secretary: Steven Dyer

1st Round (by 6th May)
    A   Cliftonville Academy walkover v Holywood
    B   Muckamore beat Carrickfergus by 19 runs
    C   Saintfield walkover v Lurgan
    D   Ballymena walkover v Ards
    E   Downpatrick walkover v Armagh
    F   Cregagh walkover v Laurelvale
    G   Lisburn beat Bangor by 2 runs
    Muckamore 98-3 (A Oduvelil 58no, B Hodge 19)
    Carrick 79-9 (S Logan 32, B Hodge 2-9, A Oduvelil 2-16)
    Muckamore beat Carrickfergus by 19 runs
2nd Round (by 20th May)
    H   Donacloney Mill walkover v Cliftonville Academy
    I   Muckamore beat CSNI by 18 runs
    J   CIYMS walkover v Saintfield
    K   North Down beat Dundrum by 51 runs
    L   Templepatrick beat Ballymena 103 runs
    M   Instonians beat Downpatrick by 153 runs
    N   Waringstown beat Cregagh
    O   Lisburn beat Derriaghy
    Templepatrick 194-2 (E Wilson 100, S Gardiner 48)
    Ballymena 91-6 (L Styles 4-7)
    Templepatrick beat Ballymena 103 runs
    Muckamore 69 (K Gribben 19, H Dyer 4-9, A Lecky 2-2)
    CSNI 51 (K Sidhu 15, K Gribben 5-5, J Keates 3-4)
    Muckamore beat CSNI by 18 runs
    Instonians 215-4 (M Humphreys 69, B Beattie 45)
    Downpatrick 62 (N Toland 3-15)
    Instonians beat Downpatrick by 153 runs
3rd Round (by 3rd June)
    CIYMS 158-8 (C McCullough 63no, A Matchett 2-24)
    North Down 117-9 (A Matchett 54no, A Whiteside 3-3)
    CIYMS beat North Down by 41 runs
    Muckamore 108-5 (A Oduvelil 41, J Keates 23, A Cunningham 2-13)
    Donaghcloney Mill 82 (A Oduvelil 4-18, K Gribben 2-13, J Keates 2-23)
    Muckamore beat Donaghcloney Mill by 26 runs
    Waringstown 220
    Lisburn 150
    Waringstown beat Lisburn by 70 runs
    Instonians 176-5 (T Johnston 79no, M Humphreys 63)
    Templepatrick 72-4 (M Humphreys 3-9)
    Instonians beat Templepatrick by 104 runs
Semi-Finals (by 15th June)
    Muckamore 84-8 (Ouduveil 24, McCullough 3-6, Whiteside 3-23)
    CIYMS 85-3 (Topping 36, Magee 2-25)
    CIYMS beat Muckamore by 7 wickets
    Instonians 201-3 (M Humphreys 76, T Johnston 56)
    Waringstown 138-8 (J Froggatt 43no)
    Instonians beat Waringstown by 63 runs
Final - Friday 22nd June at Osborne Park
    CIYMS 105-7 (A Wylie 2-16)
    Instonians 106-1 (A Wylie 52no, M Humphreys 35)
    Instonians beat CIYMS by 9 wickets
    Photos courtesy Michael Humphries and Clarence Hiles
Please note that the Management Board has decided that the age limit for this competition will be under 15 on 1st September in the year before competition.
(The age limit for the Under 15 League remains unchanged ie 'Pupils in fourth form or below, or under 15 on 1st July in the year before the competition')