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NCU Junior League 9 - 2019 (#ncuj9)
                          P    W    T    L  NR/V  Pts
Instonians V              5    4    0    1    0   16   C
Cliftonville Academy IV   5    3    0    2    0   12   P
Cooke Collegians III      5    3    0    1    1   12
Templepatrick V           5    2    0    2    1    8
Ards II                   5    1    0    4    1    4
North Down IV             5    0    0    4    1   -4*
*North Down IV deducted 4 points

Section Secretary: Derek McKinley
(M) 07773 971203

31st August
Instonians V beat North Down IV - North Down IV unable to field a team and lose 4 points

28th August
Cooke Collegians III beat Instonians V by 52 runsi
Match awarded to Instonians V as Cooke Collegians III played a starred player

26th August
Instonians V 99-4 (L Donnelly 33no, L Beattie 29, R McKnight 3-14)
Cliftonville Academy IV 100-5 (O Scott 27, L Beattie 2-18)
Cliftonville Academy IV beat Instonians V by 5 wickets

21st August
Instonians V beat Templepatrick V 

19th August
Instonians V 116-4 (T Crothers 33no, X McIlwaine 23)
Ards II 114-4 (H Jackson 33, E Davies 31)
Instonians V beat Ards II by 2 runs

18th August
Cliftonville Academy IV beat North Down IV - North Down IV unable to field a team

12th August
Ards II v Templepatrick V  - postponed and now void

4th August
Templepatrick V beat Cliftonville Academy IV by 4 runs

28th July
Ards II v Templepatrick V - postponed

21st July
Templepatrick V 114-4
North Down IV 115-6
North Down IV beat Templepatrick V by 4 wickets
Match awarded to Ards II as North Down IV played an unregistered player

7th July
North Down IV beat Ards II
Match awarded to Ards II as North Down IV played an unregistered player

30th June
Ards II 75-9 (A Lawther 29, O Scott 2-9, O Smyth 3-15, R Scott 2-16)
Cliftonville Academy IV 76-0 (S Cave 37no, S Johnston 19no)
Cliftonville Academy IV beat Ards II by 10 wickets

29th June
Templepatrick V v Instonians V - postponed

23rd June
Cooke Collegians III 175-7 (S Chowdery 70, AKhan 2-23, O Roberts 2-51)
Ards II 145 (O Roberts 44, J Ferguson 42, Singh 2-23, M Bhatt 2-14 J Burrows 2-15)
Cooke Collegians III beat Ards II by 30 runs

Cliftonville Academy IV v Instonians V - postponed by mutual agreement

15th June
North Down IV v Cooke Collegians III - postponed

8th June
Cooke Collegians III 94-8 (C Salt 4-9 inc hat trick) 
Cliftonville Academy IV 96-6 (I Latham 46)
Cliftonville Academy IV beat Cooke Collegians III by 4 wickets
Match awarded to Cooke Collegians III as Cliftonville Academy IV played an ineligible player

26th May
Ards II v North Down IV - to be re-arranged by mutual agreement

18th May
Cooke Collegians III v Instonians V - postponed

5th May
Templepatrick V 73-9 (M Bhatt 2-12, J Kumar 2-16)
Cooke Collegians III 75-1 (R Kanaan 47no)
Cooke Collegians III beat Templepatrick V by 9 wickets