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Banoge Cup - 2019

Winners 2018: Instonians

Honorary Competition Secretary: Stephen Hanna
(M) 07808 778483

1st Round (by 10th May)
    Armagh 84-5 (P Vidamour 2-10, J McClure-Dalzell 2-13)
    North Down 83-6 (D Parker 33)
    Armagh beat North Down by 1 run 
    Instonians B 109-3 (B Oberholzer 23rtd)
    CSNI B 112-6 (F Kirk 24, Harshit 20rtd, F Harrison 2-15)
    CSNI B beat Instonians B by 4 wickets
    Carrickfergus 58-9 (P Arnold 4-9, A Stephenson 3-10)
    Derriaghy 62-5 (B Cairns 22, A Armstrong 4-13)
    Derriaghy beat Carrickfergus by 5 wickets
    Laurelvale 203-3 (A Jose 64no, J Gracey 52
    Cliftonville Academy 99-9 (CL Edgar 2-10)
    Laurelvale beat Cliftonville Academy by 104 runs  
    Ballymena 62 (R McCollum 3-12, S Allister 3-6)
    Waringstown 63-0 (S Allister 52rtd)
    Waringstown beat Ballymena by 10 wickets
    Cregagh walkover v Dundrum
    Holywood walkover v Ards
    Saintfield walkover v Lurgan
2nd Round (by 24th May)
    I   Donacloney Mill beat Holywood by 8 wickets
    J   Muckamore beat Saintfield by 6 wickets
    K   Laurelvale v CIYMS
    L   Instonians A beat Cregagh by 98 runs
    M   Bangor beat Derriaghy by 10 wickets
    N   CSNI B beat Lisburn by 5 wickets
    O   CSNI A beat Armagh by 10 wickets
    P   Waringstown beat Templepatrick
    Instonians A 150-0 (Amy Hunter 96rtd, G Palmer 40no)
    Cregagh 52-7
    Instonians A beat Cregagh by 98 runs
    Saintfield 61 (E Wilson 3-8)
    Muckamore 62-4 (J Keates 34no, J Tindil 2-13, R Briggs 2-11)
    Muckamore beat Saintfield by 6 wickets
3rd Round (by 7th June)
    Bangor 92-5 (S Yeates 20, E Kennedy 18)
    CSNI B 84 (S McMillan 3-12, B Law 2-13)
    Bangor beat CSNI B by 8 runs
    CSNI A 175-0 (R Hunter 101no, A Leckey 60no)
    Waringstown 63-3 (S Allister 26)
    CSNI A beat Waringstown by 112 runs
    Instonians A beat someone 
    Muckamore 114-7 (J Keates 30, P Kane 26no, M Hanna 2-13, D Alexander 2-14)
    Donacloney Mill 55 ( D Alexander 20, S Magee 4-20)
    Muckamore beat Donacloney Mill by 55 runs
Semi-Finals (by 21st June)
    Bangor 51-8 (M Escott 19, H Dyer 2-2)
    CSNI A 52-1 (R Hunter 33no)
    CSNI A beat Bangor by 9 wickets
    Muckamore 64-9 (D Henry 2-12, M Hollway 2-16)
    Instonians A 68-1 (T Crothers 55no)
    Instonians A beat Muckamore by 9 wickets
Final (by 28th June)
    Instonians A 147-3 (G Palmer, Amy Hunter 54, T Crothers 52no)
    CSNI A 138-7 (H Dyer 35, J West 27, J Clarke 25no, M Willmott 3-31)
    Instonians A beat CSNI A by 9 runs
    Banoge Cup Winners 2019 - Instonians
    Photo courtesy of Steven Crothers
Please note that the Management Board has decided that the age limit for this competition will be under 13 on 1st September in the year before competition.
(The age limit for the Under 13 League remains unchanged ie 'Pupils in second form or below, or under 13 on 1st July in the year before the competition')