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Charlie Beverland Under 11 Leagues 2019 (sponsored by Norman Shannon & Co., Solicitors)

Premier Division - Winners 2018: Instonians A
Division 1 - Winners 2018: Lisburn

E.C.B. recommendation
It is recommended that no fielder who is under 15 years of age, except the wicketkeeper, shall be allowed to field nearer
than 8 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side, until the batsman has played at the ball.
Premier Division - Competition Secretary: Seymour Murphy (M) 07796 265295 (E)
Section A
                   Played   Won   Tied   Lost   NR/V  Points
Muckamore A           4      3      0      1      0     12
CSNI A                4      3      0      1      0     12
Templepatrick A       4      3      0      1      0     12
Derriaghy             4      1      0      3      0      4
Instonians B          4      0      0      4      0      0
*Since 3 teams on same points a draw was conducted to decide who goes 
CSNI go through with the winner of Templepatrick A v Muckamore A
joining them as Section winners.

By 24th May
Muckamore A 141-5 (J Murray 30ret, L Bates 33ret, C McVicker 30ret, 
M Maseeth 3-8)
CSNI A 108-7 (C Connolly 25ret, J Irwin 2-8)
Muckamore A beat CSNI A by 33 runs

Instonians B 54-6 (J Robinson 19, J Smyth 2-0)
Templepatrick A 55-3 
Templepatrick A beat Instonians B by 7 wickets

By 7th June
Instonians B 105-5 (B Walsh 18ret, H Robinson 15ret)
CSNI A 106-6 (C Connolly 22, A Maini 21no, B Walsh 2-5)
CSNI A beat Instonians B by 4 wickets

Derriaghy 91-5 (C Smyth 21rtd, E Laverty 4-10)
Muckamore A 92-4 (C Murray 17, A Stevenson 2-4)
Muckamore A beat Derriaghy by 6 wickets

By 14th June
CSNI A beat Derriaghy
Templepatrick A beat Muckamore A by 10 runs

By 21st June
Templepatrick A beat Derriaghy

Instonians B 77-2 (H Robinson 22rtd, B Walsh 18rtd)
Muckamore 78-1 (M Bates 32rtd, C McVicker 22rtd, L Bates 25no)
Muckamore A beat Instonians B by 9 wickets

By 28th June
CSNI A beat Templepatrick A

Instonians B 77-6 (Z Surphlis 27no)
Derriaghy 78-9 (H Robinson 26ret, B Walsh 4-4)
Derriaghy beat Instonians B by 1 wicket

Muckamore A 150-8 
Templepatrick 46 
Muckamore A beat Templepatrick by 104 runs

Semi Finals by 2nd August
Muckamore A beat Waringstown

Instonians 198-2 (H Luke 31no, J Nelson 34no, A Boyd 24, 
M McAreavey 30no, F Hollway 32)
CSNI 71-9 (H Luke 3-5)
Instonians A beat CSNI A by 127 runs

Final - 26th August
Instonians 115 (A Boyd 21, C O'Connor 35no, L Bates 5-19, 
J Irwin 2-20)
Muckamore A 74-6 (M Bates 20, L Crothers 2-7, B Walsh 2-9)
Instonians A beat Muckamore A by 41 runs

Under 11 Premier Final 2019 Winners - Instonians
Section B
                Played   Won   Tied   Lost   NR/V  Points
Instonians A       4      4      0      0      0      16
Waringstown        4      3      1      0      0      14
Holywood A         4      2      0      2      0       8
Donacloney Mill A  3      1      1      1      0       6
Bangor A           3      0      0      3      0       0
North Down         4      0      0      4      0       0

By 24th May
Bangor A v Donacloney Mill A

Holywood 94-8
North Down 82-6
Holywood A beat North Down A by 12 runs

Instonians A v Waringstown

By 7th June
Donacloney Mill A v Holywood A

North Down A 25 (L Ingram 4-2 inc hat-trick, J Nelson 2-1)
Instonians A 28-1 (A Boyd 21no)
Instonians A beat North Down A by 9 wickets

North Down A v Instonians A

Bangor A 79-8 (S Yeates 31rtd, R McCollam 4-9, AMcMeekin 2-14)
Waringstown 80-5 (A Harrison 32rtd, J Hewitt 21no, J McMillen 2-10)
Waringstown beat Bangor A by 5 wickets

By 14th June
Bangor 72-4 (S Yeates 32rtd)
Instonians 74-4
Instonians A beat Bangor A by 6 wickets

Waringstown 86-8 (R McCollam 18, J Green 2-2)
Holywood 78-7 (J Green 24, N Haughey 3-3, R McCollam 2-13)
Waringstown beat Holywood by 8 runs

North Down A 58-5 (J Dalzell 25, A Cunningham 2-8)
Donacloney Mill A 59-2
Donacloney Mill A beat North Down A by 8 wickets

By 21st June
Instonians 191-3 (M McAreavey 30rtd, B Walsh 30rtd, H Luke 27no)
Holywood 78-8 (L Crothers 3-3)
Instonians A beat Holywood A by 113 runs

North Down A v Bangor A

Waringstown 63-3 (R McCollum 16, A Harrison 16)
DonacloneyMill 63 (J Cunningham 18, R.McCollum 2-6, A Speers 2-8)
Waringstown tied with Donacloney Mill A

By 28th June
Holywood 124-2 (C Haldene 32rtd, S Yeates 2-18) 
Bangor 96 (S Yeates 32rtd) 
Holywood A beat Bangor A by 28 runs

Donacloney Mill A 105-5 (A Bell 30 rtd, J Cunningham 24)
Instonians A 106-4 (L Crothers 30 rtd, H Robinson 28no, A Bell 2-13,
C Mallon 2-18)
Instonians A beat Donacloney Mill A by 6 wickets

Waringstown 119-4 (A McMeekin 30ret, Abbi Harrison 24, R McCollam 23, 
M Jeffries 2-11)
North Down 36 (A Conn 3-2, N Haughey 3-4)
Waringstown beat North Down A by 83 runs

Division 1 - Competition Secretary: Alan McIlwaine (M) 07817 359880 (E)
Section A
By 31st May
Instonians C beat Cliftonville Academy by 50 runs

By 7th June
Carrickfergus beat Cliftonville Academy

By 14th June
Templepatrick B beat Instonians C by 30 runs

By 21st June
Instonians C beat Carrickfergus
Templepatrick B beat Cliftonville Academy by 17 runs

By 28th June
Carrickfergus tied with Templepatrick B

Section B
By 31st May
North Down B v Bangor B
Holywood B beat Saintfield

By 7th June
Cregagh 109 beat Bangor B 51 by 58 runs
Holywood B beat North Down B

By 14th June
North Down B beat Cregagh
Saintfield beat Bangor B

By 21st June
Holywood B beat Cregagh
North Down B beat Saintfield

By 28th June
Saintfield beat Cregagh
Holywood B v Bangor B

Section C
By 31st May
Lisburn beat Donacloney Mill B by 24 runs
Laurelvale v Lurgan

By 7th June
CSNI B v Laurelvale
Lisburn 175 beat CIYMS B 170 by 5 runs
Lurgan v Donacloney Mill B

By 14thJune
CIYMS B v Donacloney Mill B
Laurelvale v Lisburn
Lurgan v CSNI B

By 21st June
Donacloney Mill B v CSNI B
Lisburn 196 beat Lurgan 118 by 78 runs
Laurelvale v CIYMS B

By 28th June
Donacloney Mill B v Laurelvale
Lisburn v CSNI B
CIYMS B v Lurgan

Semi finals by 2nd August
Lisburn beat Templepatrick B
Instonians C beat Holywood B in a bowlout

Final - 23rd August
Lisburn 165 (M Thompson 15, M Gray 13, D Agnew 3-22)
Instonians C 144 (J Robinson 10, M Gray 2-11, J Mayne 2-13)
Lisburn beat Instonians C by 21 runs

Under 11 Division 1 Final 2019 Winners Lisburn