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NCU Competition Rules and Bye-Laws 2020

Bryan Milford
General Secretary

In the hope that the 2020 season will commence at some stage here are the Competition Rules and Bye-Laws that will apply in the 2020 season.


The following amendments were made to the Competition Rules at the 2019 AGM: NCU Competition Rules (2020)

A10: The total number of players to be starred for the 4th XI of a club with five teams is reduced from nine to seven and a corresponding provision for clubs with six teams.

A13: Requires the immediate re-starring at an appropriate level of any player returning after having been de-starred because of absence or injury.

A13: The Competitions Committee now has the Domestic Cricket Directorate's power to impose forfeiture of points and/or elimination from cup competitions where starring regulations have been breached.

F7: Scope of the penalty of loss of points by more junior teams playing on the same day a more senior team has failed to fulfil a fixture is extended to inter-provincial cup competitions.

F12: The responsibility for submitting result reports in matches where a positive result has been obtained now rests with the winning team.

G29: The advance notice period for playing a full-length (50-over or 40-over) Match 2 is reduced from 48 to 24 hours.


The Board has made the following changes to the Bye-Laws for 2020: Bye-Laws (2020) (v2)

(i) Powerplays
The table showing the number of overs within each phase of the innings when the innings has been reduced has been amended.

(t) Bats
The dimensional changes for the bat blade introduced in the 2017 Code now applies to all cricket.

(w) Pitch Preparation
This is a new bye-law requiring clubs to adequately prepare pitches both before the start of a game and before any resumption.

Further bye-laws may be required to deal with Coronavirus protocols before cricket may commence.