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Match Report Form / DLS Report Form for use in the 2020 season


At the bottom of this note are the Match Report Form and the DLS Report Form for use in the 2020 season.

The Match report form should be completed in full when used in the Robinson Services Cup, Trophy and Bowl and in Junior League 1.

When used in the other Junior Leagues it is sufficient to list the 22 players, their scores, bowling analysis and match result.

Clubs should note that following a decision taken by the 2019 AGM the winning team now has the responsibility of submitting the result form in respect of matches where a positive result has been achieved.

Where no play has taken place or the match has been tied or abandoned responsibility remains with the home team.

Also attached is the DLS Report 2020. This form must be submitted with the result form in all matches in which DLS is used to obtain a result.

The Competitions Committee are meeting tonight and secretaries for the various leagues will be confirmed and the website updated as necessary.

Club Secretaries are asked to bring this message and forms to relevant personnel in their club.

Match Report Form (2020 season) (Excel)

DLS Report Form 2020 (Word)

Bryan Milford
General Secretary