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Use of DLS in NCU cricket


The NCU is aware that some teams will not have access to their clubhouses at all for the forthcoming cricket season and that this creates an issue around the use of DLS.

It has been suggested that using an app on a mobile phone might be an alternative.

Please note that such apps are not endorsed by DLS or by the ICC.

If it is not possible to access a power supply the following will apply:

"in addition to Temporary byelaw p (Duckworth/Lewis/Stern), Where it is impossible for the home club to access the facilities for use of electricity to utilize a printer due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is permissible for a screen shot of the target tables to be used in lieu of paper copies. Clubs should ensure the laptop being used is fully charged prior to the start of the match and the need to use screen shots should be discussed at the toss whether umpires are appointed or not.  The home club's CSO must confirm in advance of the toss that the facilities are not available to facilitate printing of target tables."

It should also be noted DLs is only actually required from the interval onwards and as all games are T20 with no provision for extra time, the laptop will only be required for 90 / 100 mins for any match

It is appreciated that this is not ideal and trust clubs will accept that it is the best that can be done in the circumstances.