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Club Update - Return to Play Protocols Reminder / Minimum Age


The Return to Play Protocols make clear that a player may not play two matches on the same day at the same venue.

A player can play two matches on the same day at different venues provided all necessary safety measures are in place eg sanitation and contact tracing.


For young cricketers to play adult cricket they must be in second year of secondary education. The only exception would be that they are in the Union’s reduced U13 inter-provincial squad. They must be in the named squad at the end of the RDS sessions in the spring leading into the summer. They must also be in secondary school education.

If any young cricketer in first year of secondary education is selected to play in adult cricket the club must obtain Union approval by writing to the General Secretary identifying the circumstances. The club must also ensure that all aspects of the Safeguarding Children guidelines are adhered to.

This ruling applies to young cricketers playing in woman’s cricket.

It is strongly recommended that a parent, guardian or other identified responsible adult is present whenever a player in the Under 13 age group or younger plays in an adult match. This could include the captain or other identified adult player taking responsibility for the young player.

I can advise regarding the U13 inter-provincial squad as necessary. 

Bryan Milford
General Secretary