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NCU Social Media Policy


The NCU Board has recently adopted a Social Media Policy (see download link below).

The Board values the use of social media as a means of publicising our game and enabling us all to develop more innovative means of keeping in contact with each other.

The policy is not intended to discourage constructive debate and discussion of the game which we welcome.

It does set out guidelines for the responsible use of social media relating to the NCU and cricket generally within the Union as well as setting out potential breaches of the policy.

When used in a responsible manner social media enhances the game of cricket and the policy is designed to support that.

Clubs should share the policy with all its members (playing and non-playing).

The Board also urges club committees to adopt their own social media policy. This policy can be used as a guideline for doing so and NCU staff will assist as appropriate.

NCU Social Media Policy (pdf)

Sam Beckett