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NCU Club Update - Tuesday 27th April 2021


Cup Draws
Draws for the Challenge, Junior, Intermediate, Minor (Lindsay) and Minor Qualifying Cups have now been made.

There have been changes to dates for the rounds of the Intermediate Cup.

If Covid -19 restrictions are still in force when cup competitions commence they will be played over 20 overs per side. Later rounds may revert to the competition overs if restrictions are eased.

Junior Leagues
Now that clubs have dates for cups you should contact other clubs by phone or email and try to arrange league fixtures.

At least get dates for matches your club wish to play in May.

When matches have been arranged please email your league secretary copying in Wylie McKinty for the website.

If this process does not prove satisfactory we will complete it by holding zoom meetings.

Junior League 1 will commence with a short T20 competition and fixtures for this will be advised shortly. For league fixtures clubs may wish to reverse Premier League fixtures.

By majority agreement teams in Junior Leagues 8a and 8b will play each other once.

Registrations and Starrings
Get them in now!

Rule Book
A new Rule Book is presently with the printer. Details for distribution including team cards will be advised shortly.

Please ensure that you have the new system in place (DLS v4).

An amendment has been made to the bye-law dealing with DLS to provide for clubs not having access to an electricity supply.

  1. where the home team has been denied use of a computer and/or printer through the enforced closure of a pavilion or clubhouse, a par score table generated on a laptop computer, tablet or smartphone may be substituted.

Bryan Milford
General Secretary