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NCU Club Update (4th May)


As we approach the start of the season a few points to note.

For season 2021, the T20 Regulation's are amended as follows to include for the new Bowl & Plate competitions and acknowledge how the Shield will be played:

  • Regulation 2 - REPLACE "Cup, Trophy and Shield" with "Cup, Trophy, Shield, Bowl and Plate"
  • Regulation 19 - on 2nd line ADD "Bowl and Plate" after "Shield"
  • THE RESULT - Group Stage - Replace in bracket "Cup only" with "Cup, Shield, Bowl & Plate"
  • POINTS - GROUP MATCHES ONLY - Replace in bracket "Cup only" with "Cup, Shield, Bowl & Plate"
  • RUN RATE - Replace in bracket "Cup Group Matches Only" with "Cup, Shield, Bowl & Plate Group Matches Only"

For evening T20 Matches please notify Ian Houston (Tel: (H) 91463950 (M) 07889 275548) of the DATE and start time SEVEN days in advance of the match.
It would be appreciated if Wylie McKinty was included so that the website can be updated.

There are no weather rearrangements in the Cup, Shield, Bowl and Plate. A No Result is 2 points each.

Bryan Milford
General Secretary