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Cooke Collegians 'Come home'

Cooke Collegians  

When Cooke Collegians took to the field at Pirrie Park at the beginning of the season it marked a significant milestone for the club. Following several years spent playing at Shaw's Bridge, then 4 years at Fullerton Park Dunmurry, the club feel that they have now finally 'arrived home' 

Pirrie Park, the Methodist College Belfast sports facility, is of course the 'spiritual' home for the guys who came from the 'Collegian' side of the family. However, the Cooke fraternity can also claim affinity to the area as the Cooke club originally were named after a building just over half a mile from Pirrie and in fact Cooke Rugby, from where the cricket section originated, at one time played their home matches at Pirrie.  

'We really feel that this is truly a homecoming for us' 
says Club Chairman Trevor Lennon. 

With the move to the 2-pitch set up and excellent net facility, the club has seen incredible immediate growth. 

In 2019 the club began a third eleven but after the overwhelming additional numbers arriving for the first net session in mid-April, a fourth XI were created overnight to accommodate the influx of those players.

Now the 4 weekend teams and the midweek XI, alongside the newly created U23 side (who are looking for midweek friendly opponents), ensures that there will be plenty of cricket for all 60 members wanting a game of cricket.  

'The many current and past Methody boys joining the club this season alongside our ever-expanding Asian membership is proving that the interest in cricket among young people in the city is as strong as ever' added Trevor.

'We're very much indebted to the school for their cooperation in making this move to Pirrie possible. We believe it will be mutually beneficial going forward.  Now that we have this excellent facility at Pirrie we are already beginning preparations for next season. We plan to continue to implement the next stage of our development strategy by reintroducing a youth cricket section at the club' 

It appears that arriving 'home' for the club is not the end of the journey but merely just the beginning!