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Club Info - 8th June 2021


Some points to note before we return to the longer format matches at the weekend:

All temporary regulations presently in place are now gone. From 12 June the Competition Regulations set out in the 2021 Rules and Regulations booklet apply to all Cup and League competitions.

If your club has not yet received its supply of the booklet please contact me and we will arrange for collection.

The Competition Rules can be found on the website.

Where clubs have access to their clubhouse and an electricity supply a DLS print-out must be generated. A screen-shot will not suffice where an electricity supply is available.

The Power Play table shown in Bye-law (i) is replaced with the attached table with immediate effect. Club Secretaries must make team captains aware of the revised table now. Download Power Play table - June 2021

Team cards are now available. If you need a supply please advise of an address for them to be posted to.

There appears to be an increasing tendency in Junior Cricket to only complete one scorebook. Both scorebooks need to be completed with the scorers checking that the books agree at the end of each over.

A reminder that where play has taken place and a result obtained it is the responsibility of the winning team to submit a completed result form. Photographs of the result form are not acceptable.

Bryan Milford
General Secretary