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Northern Cricket Union unveils its 2021-2023 Strategic Plan


NCU Strategic Plan 2021-2023The Northern Cricket Union is delighted to unveil its 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, outlining our plans to build a more sustainable future for cricket in the region.

Our Strategic Plan aims to provide greater opportunities for even more people to get involved in cricket within the NCU, which in turn will help grow the game while supporting and strengthening our clubs and schools.

The 2021-2023 Strategic Plan follows on from Cricket Ireland's release of theirs for the same period, and we have identified four key themes:

  • Cricket For All Make cricket more accessible to more people through inclusive participation initiatives, stronger clubs and schools, and enhanced member support programmes.
  • Talent and Performance - Developing our talent and performance pathway systems to support players to reach their full potential.
  • Excellence in Governance and Culture A high performing organisation that is culturally welcoming and displaying good practice in all of our operations.
  • Showcasing the Game – Raising our profile through use of new technologies and broader partnerships to maximise our brand.

There are a range of action points which will be deployed as we aim to reach our ambitious targets set over the next couple of years, all of which can be viewed in full on the released Plan.
Sam Beckett, Chair of the Northern Cricket Union, said:

"I am very pleased to present the Northern Cricket Union Strategic Plan 2021-23, which is essentially the first in a two-part plan."

"Since much of our funding comes from Cricket Ireland it makes sense to align the time period of our Strategic Plan with that of Cricket Ireland which recently introduced its Strategic Plan for the period 2021-23 – the second part will be 2024 – 31 to coincide with the next ICC funding cycle."

"We have seen much change in the Union in the past 4 years – we have incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with an updated governance structure, we have employed a team of staff dedicated to the development and promotion of the game at all levels and we now run an interprovincial team playing First Class and List A matches."

"Given that transformation, it is timely to give thought and direction to our sport for the next few years. This Plan sets out our strategic themes and priorities to build a more sustainable future for cricket. It is ambitious but the targets are worth striving to achieve."

"We look forward to working with member clubs and schools along with other stakeholders to deliver on our ambition and to be well placed to meet the challenges and opportunities which will face us in the next cycle."

Download a copy of the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan (PDF)